How RSEA Hire Can Help You!

More than a safety equipment hire company, RSEA provides guidance on the safety equipment needs of your projects. Simply send the project drawings or plans to us and we will provide recommendations on the equipment you'll need. We are committed to keeping you safe, so we provide this service free of charge.

NZ HIRE Catalogue

Extensive Range

RSEA Safety Hire has the largest supply of road safety equipment under one roof. In particular, we specialise in equipment hire for traffic management, road and general construction.

Our range includes:

  • TL-2 Safety Crash Barriers
  • Traffic Management Equipment
  • Lighting Tower & Delineators
  • Variable Message Sign (VMS) Boards
  • Crowd Control Barriers (Events)
  • TL2-TL4 MASH approved Safety Barriers and Crash Cushions
  • Portable Traffic Lights and E-Stops

NZ Hire Network

Since 1993, RSEA Safety has been keeping you safe by focusing on helping you obtain the best outcomes for your business or project.

Phone: 0800 NZ RSEA 


Address: RSEA Hire NZ

620 Oruarangi Road

Mangere 2022

New Zealand