Zoneguard™ Metal Barrier System

Zoneguard™ Temporary Metal Crash Barrier

Hill and Smith have developed a durable portable steel traffic barrier that offers the road construction industry a revolutionary temporary barrier solution that provides superior protection to drivers as well as road and construction crews.

  • Zoneguard™ length, 12m per panel
  • Zoneguard™ is a cost effective alternative to the traditional concrete barriers
  • Zoneguard™’s lightweight configuration allows 180m (3 units high) to be hauled on one truck and installed approximately 300m an hour
  • It is tested to meet the requirements of NCHRP350 TL3 and TL4 making it the most extensively tested and cost efficient portable protection system available in Australia
  • Zoneguard™’s rigid-cross section and low centre of gravity enables deflections which are comparable heavier temporary concrete barrier alternatives
  • Zoneguard™ offers maximum safety standards, while ensuring cost effective and efficient protective barriers
  • RSEA Hire Code: 1095073

Zoneguard™ Anti-Gawk Screens

Anti-Gawking screens made from monopan have been designed for the following loading:
  • AS/NZS 1170.2 - Wind Actions
  • Regions A, B, W, C
  • Terrain Category 2
  • Panel Size: 3,925mm (W) x 1,250mm (H)
  • RSEA Hire Code: 6056

Absorb 350 Impact Attenuator End Treatment

  • Approved to NCHRP 350 TL-2 by State Road Controlling Authorities.
  • Lightweight modular design.
  • Exceptional portability and highly visible.
  • Lengths to suit the posted speed.
  • No anchor to road surface, simplifying installation and no special lifting equipment required.
  • Attaches to temporary concrete or steel barriers.
  • RSEA Hire Code: 6059

TAU 11 End Treatment

  • Approved to NCHRP 350 TL-1, 2 and 3.
  • Fully re-directive crash cushion.
  • Provided in lengths to suit 50kph - 100kph impact speeds.
  • Low maintenance, high re-usability of system components.
  • Delivered assembled.
  • No debris build up due to open architecture.
  • RSEA Hire Code: 1095075


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