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Workplace Safety, Hygiene and First Aid at RSEA Safety NZ - The Safety Experts!

Your workplace may require a first aid room facility if the following are true:

A construction site with more than 100 employees, or any workplace with more than 200 employees.

Where the hazard identification and risk assessment process indicates a first aid room is needed.

Fight Germs and Contamination

One of the most common ways people pick up nasty bugs and infections is by direct contact with the hands. All it takes is a simple handshake or a dirty handrail and you could be looking at an outbreak of sickness that could put lots of people out of commission for extended periods of time.

Placing hand sanitiser dispensers at entry points and other strategic hotspots around the workplace can help stop the spread of disease in its tracks. This simple measure can drastically reduce the number of health risks employees are exposed to at work and the number of sick days from your workforce.

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