From Saint's inception, our aim has been to design the strongest moto denim on the planet, a denim that could protect you on the road. To achieve this, we utilise the world's strongest fibre, Dyneema®. Dyneema® is a version of UHMWPE - a high-density material that can be spun like cotton, feels great to wear and enabled us to realise our vision of single layer CE-13595 certified motorcycle safety denim. We love the journey of research and development, embracing new materials and technology to pioneer protective fabrics. For Saint's inaugural Works collection, we went back to the drawing board and created a way to spin Dyneema's® UHMWPE into our core denim yarn to create all day WORKS wear that is functionally tougher, comfortable and looks perfect on & offsite. In the lab, Saint Works Denim is up to 3 x tougher when it comes to tearing, has a tensile strength 1.5*** x higher, with a cut resistance 2** x greater and is 6* x more durable in wear abrasion tests.
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30800 SAINT WORKS Bamboo Terry Socks (Pk 2)
Increase value Decrease value
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500% Tougher*
All tests compare Saint 12.5oz 100% cotton demim. *Martindale Test **EN388 Cut Index ***EN13934-1